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Breast feeding 

W H O Giving awareness on breast feeding during first week of August every year

Breast milk is the prime food and a balanced diet  for babies. Till 6 months only breast milk is sufficient for growth development , immunity, intelligence and protection against malnutrition.  New baby shouldn’t starve 4hours continuously. On each feed if he sleeps for two hours continuously is the correct indication of sufficient breast feed. Durning 1st month he should feed 8 to12 times a day. Afterwards it can reduced to 7 or 9 times. Mother should be clean always and clean her breast before and after each feed. She must be happy and should havegood eye contact while feeding . Hold your baby firmly to your chest while feeding . Never feed on laying posture. Mother should drink warm water, fruit juice, diluted milk, tender coconut water, or ricejuice before and after on each feed. She should take more fruits and vegetables underground vegetables and Milk products.

Ayurveda :- So many drugs and preparations are given in Ayurved for getting pure milk and to increase its  quality and quantity.




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