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MILK………. The Very First Experienced Taste By Each and Every Young One From Their Mother.. 

Milk is sweet and smooth in nature.  Good for growth and development of each and every elements of human body. Increases both quality and quantity of Semen. 

Human Milk  :- Apart from other animals, Upto first Six months of age only breast milk is advised for babies. It gives immunity growth and intelligence. External application by dropper into Eyes is a best remedy for many diseases like injury. Pain,  Burning. etc…..

Cows Milk :- Good for healthy life. Nourishes all elements of body. Increases Breast Milk. Good for improve the health of very lean and weak people. Increase strength. Good to reduce giddiness. Good to reduce excessive thirst,  appetite etc Help to reduce constipation and urin block etc

Buffalo Milk :- Cold in nature. It decreases increased appetite. Good for Insomnia (Sleeplessness ).

Goat Milk :- Light,  easy to digest, good for intermittent fever in children, Asthma, very lean and unhealthy peoples weakness in and after diarrhea etc

Camel Mik :- It is heat and light in nature. Increases appetite, good in certain abdominal discomfort, remedy for worms,  good in certain oedema, Ascites Piles etc.








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