Periarthritis Shoulder :-    Many patients around  8 to 10, come to my daily OP  with a peculiar symptom. 

Both males and females

Arround the age 40 to 60

Usually occurs in single joint

$$$ Serve Pain as well as Stiffness  of shoulder joint. Condition occurs more commonly in patients with diabetes. and in patients who kept immobilized shoulder joints for a long period of time

Symptoms may start gradually and resolve with in a year

Symptoms including severe shoulder pain with stiffnes, difficult in upward, and backward  movements. Shoulder rotation

Its nothing but Periarthritis shoulder

Management :- With Ayuvedic Medicines and Physiotherapy we can manage it very well.

Medicines including Kwathams Tablets oil application etc

Physiotherapy including shoulder lifting,  heat application, shoulder rotation, massage vibrations etc.

Mobilisation by exercise and proper use of both external and internal medicine are prime remedy for Periarthritis shoulder…..

Regular Use of Hot water,  Proper food,  by avoiding incompatible food,  proper sleep,  avoid Alcohol etc are mandatory.


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