World sight day October second thursday of every year (08-10-2020)

Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradhanam..

Of all six sense organs eyes are prime…

Ayurveda guides many tips to sustain the eye sight and  general health

Balanced diet as well as healthy diet from child hood itself gives proper eye sight.

Green gramm, wheat leafy vegetables such as moringa, spinach etc, Meat especially of birds are good for eyes health. Virudhaharas (intake of incompatible foods together such as milk and fruits or fish etc) over eating should be avoided. Un familiar food to be avoided. Excess heat items also not good for eyes. Chilly, pickle prawn etc are not good for eyes ice creams, cool drinks, sugar cane, curd are not advised.

Day time sleep and night awakening are to be avoided Smoking is injurious to eyes inhaling smoke through mouth and releasing throgh nostrils are more dangerous. Comfortable pillows are to be used 2-3 inches is found comfortable.suppression of urges like sleep, tears, Yarning, cough, sneezing  are to be avoided. Continued watching of too small and distant objects are to be avoided.watching moving objects like television computer  for long time develop eye strain Reading in moving vehicles and in wrong position  are also harmful

Instead of oil use ghee, honey is very good for eyes  Goose bery, black greaps, pomegranate, carrots  etc are good. Excess use of sour items are not good for eyes. But sweet is good for eyes. Boiled and cool water should be taken for drinking

Ayurveda says While taking bath first wash your head with cold water then hot water for body.Hot water adversely affect eyes. Suitable oil application on scalp, ears and sole gives good eye sight. Foot should be always kept clean healthy and away from heat. Proper footwear should be used

A  good balanced mental status is essential for proper functioning of eyes. Dust as well as smoke are harmful.

Taking bath immediately after coming back from sunlight, when body is sweat, should be avoided.

Routine eye check up in every six months especially for students those who have vision problems are mandatory

Daily use of Triphala choornam with honey and ghee at night before bed time is a good rejuvenation for eyes health


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